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March 2015


I teamed up with Mode Media and Motorola to bring you this post. Being a fashion blogger can be a tedious task. From replying to emails, keeping up with post schedules, photo shoots, to business meetings. There are so many things we must complete in just 24 hours. So whenever I come across a new gadget that helps me get these things done, I am all for it. Recently I received the Moto 360 smart watch and after giving it a spin, I have fallen completely in love. It is definitely a watch of our times. The Moto 360 seems like the first “Smart Watch”. Simply bec[...]

Miami Vice

Miami is just that city that makes you come alive. I always have a blast whenever I get a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather, the lovely beaches, the people, good eats and entertainment on South Beach. This is the life! If you ever get a chance to vacation in Miami, don't forget to take a spend in a nice ride like this one. read more[...]

Denim & Plaid

This trend has been seen on celebrities  from Beyonce' to Rita Ora. For plaid is a pattern that hasn’t (and isn’t) going anywhere.  Whatever the season, be certain to include it in your wardrobe.  One might think on plaid being forced to wear only in the winter seasons but for a rebel like myself I tend to do the  opposite. It’s just a pattern that really never goes out of style.  While it can be worn in the winter, spring, summer and fall. . . . fashion is self expression.  I rocked my plaid with distressed denim, a graphic tee underneath paired wi[...]