New Year Fitness Goals

New Year Fitness Goals!!!! For the New Year, many of us are getting healthier or using this opportunity to lose X number of pounds. Due to the holidays, me myself have even put on a few extra pounds. With the help of BikiniBod, I was able to not just only boost my metabolism but I was also able to grow healthy nails and hair.  read more[...]

Hair Talk: Shampoos That Won't Dry Out Your Hair

How many of you are tired of shampoos that leaves your hair dry and brittle? Many shampoos are filled with harsh chemicals such as sulfates and isopopyl alcohol. These two chemicals are the two main causes for extremely dry and brittle hair. Since I've been on my healthy hair care journey, I have discovered what shampoos are best for cleansing my hair while adding moisture and shine. Here are some that I've discovered. read more[...]

Top 5 Drug Store Mascaras That Give Eyelashes Volume

Clumpy, dry, lack luster and dull, all things we may have experienced when purchasing drugstore mascaras. However, there are some that really get the job done. If you're like me and love long, voluminous lashes then these 5 drugstore mascaras are just what you need. read more[...]

Sunscreen Guide: Know Your UV ABC’s

While you're shopping for your next hot bikini, sunnies and that must-have Chanel beach bag with matching beach towel,  don’t forget to shop for the perfect sunscreen for your skin's protection. When looking for the perfect sunscreen there are many products on the market, so knowing your UV ABC’s are important when shopping for the best sunscreen for your personal skincare needs. read more[...]